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Muralistic Chronicles 

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The Road to Self Governance

Food Security in IV

UCSB’s Role in the Road to Self Governance

Best Before 2036

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The Road to Self Governance: We Are Under the Same Sky

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The Unconventional: Art in Santa Barbara


Week 10 Course Work

You have now completed 90% of the work in this class. Congrats! You’ve done excellent work in this course. And now, we are going to reflect upon what you’ve done and what you’ve learned. We find that students can more proficiently transfer what they learn in writing courses into other courses and contexts if they take the time to reflect upon what they have learned. So now we reflect.

Week 10 11/29 and 12/1

Tuesday: Review of course themes and preparation for final essay. And enjoy these sample narratives of learning to become a writer: Advice on Writing by Ta-Nehisi Cotes and Malcolm X Learning to be a Writer

Thursday: Attend Exhibit and talk on “Isla Vista: Voices of the Community”  in Special Collections. 

12/7 Due: Reflection Essay

Week 9! Almost there

Tuesday: In class peer review. We will spend the class polishing and finalizing your projects. Come to class ready to offer useful feedback. Come to class ready to get work done.

Wednesday: Submit your final Multimedia Story on Gauchospace.  You may simply submit the link to your published project. Remember that you also need to submit your Final Multimedia Storytelling Strategy essay. In this essay, 1) Explain your goals for this story: What do you want to reader to know, feel, believe or do? 2) Then, explain the specific storytelling choices that you think helped you meet your goals. How did the specific images, audio, videos, or texts help you meet your goals? What editing and revising work did you do to help meet your goals? 3) Assess your success meeting your goals. What do you think is especially effective, and what limitations or challenges did you experience?

Week 8 Meetings (in 1516 South Hall)

Here is the meeting schedule for this week. We will meet in my office (1516 South Hall) Note that this does count as a class, so if you miss your meeting it will count as a class absence. Let me know if you see any problems.

Wednesday Today! 
2:00 Annie Larson
2:10 Leighton/Kelli
2:20 – Madison M

3pm Cameron R
3:10 – Alyssa Pace
3:20 Jac V
3:30 Abigail

3:30 Natalie/Karen
3:40 Brittany
3:50 Alyssa W
4:00 Claudia/Tara
4:10 Anna Lee
4:20 Araceli
4:30 Faith
4:40 Shai/Karina

5:00 Alex S
5:10 Rulan
5:20 Isaiah/Nicole
5:30 Sarah/Nick
5:40 Jai
5:50 Simon
6pm Ty
6:10 Naomi
6:20 Casey
6:30 Anna H

11:30 – Reese
11:40 Camillia
12:00 Anna H
12:10 Matt B
12:20 Zach
12:30 Dustin
1:00 Kendra/Marilyn



Week 8 Assignments

Tuesday: No reading. In-class peer review and a few in-class conferences on drafts

Thursday: Conferences to discuss drafts. I will meet with each of your individually or in groups. Some of these will have to be held outside of our normal class time.

Weekly Multimedia Blog assignment:

We began the course with a claim that writing with and in multimedia may, in substantial ways, be different than writing with just words. But we still struggled to figure out exactly how multimedia writing is different. Based on your experience right now , what have you learned about writing with multimedia?

Here are several questions to guide your thinking:

  • Describe your process writing in multimedia? How is it different than just text-based writing?
  • Your stories are making arguments about our communities here at UCSB/IV. What do you think is different about arguing with multimedia?
  • What unique challenges have you experience?
  • Have you found any moments of ‘flow’?
  • How may your experience as an ‘author’ have shifted with this project?

Week 7 Assignments

Week 7: 11/8 and 11/10

For the next 2 1/2 weeks, we will be spending all of our time preparing for, composing, and revising your digital stories. We will have a couple of guest speakers coming. And I will lead activities designed to help you create your best possible work. Come to class ready to work!

Read: No reading until week 10

Tuesday: Discussion of writing practices for digital stories. Begin using Atavist or other program

Thursday workshop: Continue building multimedia story. Guest speaker: Per Hoel

Due: Draft of Multimedia Storytelling Project, 11/11 This should be a complete draft that is your best possible work at this time. However, I realize that you may not have all of the materials that you need and that some aspects of the story may be rough. Submit in gauchospace! 

Week 6 Assignments

Week 6: 11/1 and 11/3

Tuesday: Read Ceraso, Steph. “(Re)Educating the Sense” College English. 77.2 (2014), 102-123. (Gauchospace) Listen to this great podcast on Audio Ecology. And review these best practices for oral histories.

Thursday workshop: Class canceled due to personal emergency.  Workshops in audio editing. View the Audition or GarageBand tutorial that are most appropriate for your skill level. 

For extra credit (and because these are really relevant to your projects), I encourage all of you to attend an event in the IV exhibit in Special Collections or at the Multicultural Center.

Democracy Matters: The Road to Self-Governance in Isla Vista, Thursday 5pm, Special Collections.

Or, you may choose to attend this event at the MCC Campus Climate Struggles: Cross-University Lessons for Change, Thursday 6pm, Multicultural Center.

To get extra credit, 1) attend the event, 2) write a summary of the key points that you took away from the event, 3) submit that summary to Trish by 11/5. submit via email. If you do this, I’ll add 5% to your Weekly Writing/Design blog grade.

Due: Sample Artifacts for Multimedia Storytelling Project, 11/4: Submit all of the media/research/materials that you plan to include in your final project. At this point, I expect you to submit enough materials that demonstrate you are ready to tell your story with multiple media. At the same time, I understand that you may not be able to collect some media/research/materials. Create a list of media/research/materials that you still need to collect. Post all of this on your course blog before midnight on Friday.